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Comic 231 – “Alina Returns”

Errol: I saw Alina last night (she is Debs’s mom). She said “Hi” to me and then immediately asked why she’s not in the comic. I could turn it into an Alina & Errol comic but she doesn’t understand any of my songs. 😀

8 Responses to Comic 231 – “Alina Returns”

  1. @Matt Pierce – When I was on her facebook, I saw that she had a flower that looked like Debs’s flower. I asked her about it and she said she really liked that flower. Made me think about similarities between mother and daughter, and thus I put the flower on her shirt. 😀

    • @Errol, OK, ok! I get the whole Mother-Daughter thing! I’m up with that! Geesh! Besides the White & Yellow flower in Alinas flowing blonde hair would certainly disappear! Love your comics, keep ’em coming! 🙂

  2. Wow, thanks Errol! I’m back in the comic. This is good, for this way I need not look in the mirror, I can see my fame online. But I have not met this Erik, so I’m shy to appear beside him. One more comment: If you forgot who Jonathan is, you must eat more seaweed to improve your memory, or stand on your head in yoga!