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[Errol] Sidequests

Hey all, I do a weekly update on the projects I’ve done and I figured, “I may as well tell you guys!” And if you are thinking, “Wait! I don’t want to see Errol without the calming buffer of Debs!” be rest assured that a lot of my projects have other people in them much more exciting than me.


Debs & Errol

Let me tell you though, our CD is currently getting closer and closer to being done. 😀 This week’s comic will be on mixing the CD because we need to get it done before FAWM.ORG, when none of us will have any time to work on it. So here’s hoping!


Errol & The Bald Guy

Remember James P Sheridan from the comics (aka, Debs’s roomie)? He and I are doing a weekly podcast! It’s a geeky podcast with absolutely no focus. Oh, he TRIES to keep us in focus, but he fails. 😀 We are now on our third episode and it’s the shortest one, only 45 minutes! Well, I’m rounding down, it’s about 48 minutes. And boy do I tangent, but so does he. 😀 James P Sheridan has also been setting up social media sites for us:

I add James P Sheridan’s FB in this because if you go to his page, you will see his timeline has our logo on it, and since my name is in orange, it sticks out like dung during dinner. Crazy.

And if you want to get a taste of our podcast before committing to an hour of us, check out our youtube page. The vids are only 5 minutes!


WE Reviews

I’ve teamed up with Manda of Whitless Productions and we’re doing weekly reviews of video games… mostly adventure games. Sometimes movies.

In our third video, we review the adventure game “The Last Express”.

All of our reviews will be put up on her Youtube Channel, but you can check her page because she updates her FB much faster than I do.


Ramble On

Dan Charrington who is Manda’s videographer has started a new web show called Ramble On! And I will guest star as frequently as Dan Charrington let’s me!

The first four episodes is about the Alien movies, and the first episode is on the first movie.

I even behave! I don’t go on that much! Look at me play nice!


Future Projects

Other than, there are other things that I am involved in that I think are secret. So stay tuned! How much more can I assault the world with Errol?

Debs: Okay, Errol.  You go off on side projects.  I’ll stay here and listen to mixes.  ;P

8 Responses to [Errol] Sidequests

    • Where my wife used to work, there were some individuals that required a lot of support. However, they would be mentally draining if one person decided to help them.

      So they formed teams of people to support the one. That way, a supporter doesn’t burn out and become emotionally sucked dry.

      The way I sees it, that’s me. It requires a lot of patience to work with me! But if I can spread myself out between multiple people, then I don’t have to worry about smothering them!

      It all works out! They get me in small doses, I don’t smother anyone.

      All good. 😀

  1. I have a question about fawm, do you have to write music or can you just do lyrics? I am not very musically inclined but a little lyrically inclined.

    • You can just do lyrics! And if people want to put your song to lyrics, they probably will! Many people do lyrics only, and a few of them do instrument only too! 😀

  2. I signed up! Let’s see how this goes. If I can conquer Nano twice this should be easy,right! Right? What did I get myself into…