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[Errol] Sidequests II

This post is late because I wanted to finish my latest game review before posting. I don’t know WHAT I’m going to do when starts.

As you may know, I have projects on the go. Here is an update. Mostly made for Debbie Ohi, who is too busy to watch any of this. But I’m still doing this for her.

Debs & Errol

STAY ON TARGET. That will be our mantra. How many songs do we have done on our CD? NINE! I think. I don’t know, really, this is a Debs and Erik Didriksen thing.


Errol & The Bald Guy – Weekly Geek Podcast Without Focus

The nice thing about these podcasts is that James P Sheridan edits them and also does video teasers for them. Good grief. 😀 


WE Reviews

Whitless Productions and I review Jurassic Park: The Game! I mostly try and steer the conversation to her dating life. And her acting life. She hates that. It sure makes for a lot of fun for me. I also talk a lot about Dragon’s Lair.


Ramble On

The Second Episode of Ramble On is up! Here we talk about the Aliens, the movie. Not of aliens in general. Dan Charrington, is the mastermind behind this, and Manda and I are just along for the ride. 😀 Ramble On Youtube Channel!


February Album Writing Month! FAWM.ORG

That’s right,, is starting tomorrow! And to kick things off, I’m running the New FAWM’S Eve FAWMCast at 11:00 PM, EST tonight!

You can listen in and call in, LIVE, on our FAWMCast Blogtalk Radio page!


2 Responses to [Errol] Sidequests II

  1. Hey, your second Ramble on was AWESUL! 🙂

    I agree, there is nothing more dangerous than a mother who is protecting her child….