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Comic 253 – “First Impressions”

Errol: Because of yesterday’s post where CBC put Debs having my last name, I was talking about this to Manda. And I asked her if she thought Debs and I were together because, as I’ve said, it’s a common occurrence. And she was adamant on how she was pretty sure on my powers of singleness. 

Whitless: The first time I met him was in the Debs and Errol show, and he was constantly saying he was having trouble getting girls…what was I SUPPOSED to think?

Debs: Oh man…

Errol: I’m writing my wife into these comics somehow. 😀

Debs: Yeah, could you please?  And give her a descriptor other than “blond”, or the other blond character will let it get to her head.

Whitless:  I’m still going to go on the record as not thinking Errol likes me :P.  Part of me thinks I should put a stop to this particular subject matter…but most of me realizes that trying to stop Errol only makes him try harder to make it happen.  Besides which, I’m a sucker for a good punchline…although I’m a little nervous :P.



8 Responses to Comic 253 – “First Impressions”

  1. Yeah, Arrietty looks cool- and having gotten it for a sister as a birthday present, I’ll get around to watching it sooner or later.

    In other news, how did Manda get to be so thoroughly misinfawmed about you?

  2. Misinfawmed is right! Did you hear their latest podcast? In the beginning, she thought that he might think that he was “too cool” to write songs with her. “Too cool”. HA HA HA HA HA!!!!!! So funny.

  3. I just saw that movie today. It was pretty good ! Manage to sucker my family into watching it with me. Yes, despite the fact that I am an almost 20 year old woman and the oldest of five, I was the one who suggested it…

    • @Michaela, You know, that’s part of the problem- animation is still seen by many as just something for children when that is really not the case- just take a look at some of the other animation out of Japan and it’ll be pretty obvious that animation doesn’t have to fall into the category of “Disney or the Simpsons (and various subsequent clones thereof)”