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Debs and I are not related

I was stalking CBC’s Here and Now website, and I found their music playlist archive

And then I saw this:

Debs, just ask my sister OR my cousin what it’s like to be related to me. 😀 It is not a fun position to be in at all.

Errol, I feel like I already know what it’s like to be your sister with the constant teasing.  A little bit, at least.  Lizette has it much worse.

Thinking on it, they probably thought you were my wife.

Debs: Is Errol Elmuir your clone?  You’d tell me if you had a clone, right?

I don’t think I could handle being vegetarian.

I don’t think you could handle settling for the bottom of the barrel. 😀

6 Responses to Debs and I are not related

  1. Or your sister. And they also misspelled “received.” I think they didn’t proofread. People usually don’t. 🙁

  2. And who is this Errol “Elmuir” who composed the song? Is he your evil alter ego or just another relative from the orthographically challenged branch of the family?

  3. Argh, it’s killing me that I missed it. I really hope they come through with the CD….