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Comic 257 – “Debs Ignores Me”


Errol: Debs and I did a video blog (still needing to be edited) and this came up. That video is almost 20 minutes long, good grief.

Anyone remember Remington Steele? Ya… this is like that except in reverse. Is there actually a Debs? Or is she a construct of my mind?

30 Responses to Comic 257 – “Debs Ignores Me”

  1. Debs seems to ignore all happenings on this site… even when it involves her. That video was 20 minutes with edits (yes, I sat through it all), how freaking long was it before the edits?
    !yaw taht segassem terces su dnes yllatot dluohs uoy ,oslA

    • @Kelson, Actually, it was only 30 minutes in length, I just didn’t have enough time to edit it properly. I tried to cut it down…

      And did you see we talked about YOU!! Hee hee. 😀

      And you’re right, I don’t think we HAVE to talk in code about Debs.

      Although, to be fair, she did say life will be less hectic when FAWM is over.

      I don’t believe it, but still, I’m giving her the benefit of the doubt. ;D

  2. Me! I was mentioned! I saw that, didn’t want to make a huge deal about it. The thing is, why was your cousin in it in the first place? It was a valentines day thingy, so why not have the kids be the extra Asians? Or, you know, multiply yourself like you’ve done before.

    FAWM seems to be killing you guys, all of yous. It’s a good thing I don’t do things like FAWM, because, first of all, I cannot sing. Second? Didn’t really have a second there, but that is just more proof of why I shouldn’t do things like FAWM. Maybe I’ll try NaNo this year…

    • @Kelson, Heh… ya. We’re tired.

      Why my cousin? Because I wanted more people in there, and I filmed it in an hour, and edited it in an hour. I didn’t want to spend anymore time on it since… I started working on the editing around 1:00am 😀

      DO NANO!

      • @Errol, 1:00am edit? I remember those times well… Nothing like taking a nap at the editing machine and waking up 4 hours closer to the deadline than 2 seconds ago. Good times.

        NaNo seems so intimidating thought… I need to start writing now to get even a bit prepared for then. Good lord, looks like I may be writing shorts again. WHEN WILL I GAME?! ME:3 is due out in a month, plus there are cons coming up, I need to do costumes (I’m hoping to actually make them this year, not just scrounge from thrift stores), and then there is the rest of life to consider… eh, wasn’t planning anything major for the next few months anyways.

      • @Kelson, Well, I reckon we should arrange a Debs and Errol (plus commenting lunatics) word war or something come November- or maybe something more ambitious (if the ideas strike in time)- that could fawm sufficient motivation for getting involved.

      • @Errol, BACK! AWAY! This will be a north-american style number, not an Asian Prison Thriller video!

        MP: We need to start fawming a plan…

      • @Kelson, You want me to dance? That’s almost as bad an idea as asking me to sing- have a degree of dyspraxia and very little sense of rhythm. We could always come up with a cunning plan related to guest strips for comic 300 (that way we’ve at least got a month or two to get things ready)…

      • @Kelson, Oh wow, I’m racially profiling…. sorry. I’m only racist online. In real life, I’m very PC.

        I thought Kelson was asian and I thought Mercenary pen was British. But in reality, I’ve never met either so I think I might be assuming based on partial information….. sorry…. I am Canadian so I do say sorry a lot…

      • @Lizette Tanner, TIL Lizette is a racist. That makes things much more interesting from now on! We could get a whole “Have Lizette guess what you are from your comments” thing going on.

        Seriously thought, me? Asian? No. I think this is enough reason for us all to meet up in person. MAYBE D&E SHOULD DO A GIG TO HELP WITH THIS!!!!

      • @Kelson,
        So, I was still right about Mercenary Pen being British, wasn’t I??

        RE: Kelson=asian
        I actually have no idea why I thought that. I just imagined someone with dry humor and being sarcastic with Errol was Asian… though that would fit a British person too, wouldn’t it… uh oh, profiling again….

      • @Lizette Tanner, I have no idea about MP, he will have to answer that one.

        Dry humour and Errol-based sarcasm makes me an Asian? More like a geek. You can profile me on that basis from now on.

      • @Lizette Tanner, Yes, you were right about me being British, and yes we are occasionally known for dry humour and sarcasm (though I do more of the latter than the former)- beyond that my sense of humour is generally more weird than anything else.