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Debs Has No Internet

Oh. This is just an update.

Debs has no internet.

So… that’s why you don’t see her comment or update songs or anything.

This happened, uh… two days ago. 😀

I should make a comic about this. Why, I think I will.

Considering, I have her passwords now… BWA HAHAHAHAHAHA…

And I updated our facebook page to Timeline Form! I actually don’t like Timeline Form all that much, because I find the posts are too big and I like things condensed on a page, but hey… it’s going to switch over on March 30th, so I may as well get used to it now.

8 Responses to Debs Has No Internet

  1. Errol, with the power of Gozer… that might a scary thing. ERRROL! LOOK HERE! A RANDOM DISTRACTION!

    Also, why is her internet still down? We are a group of geeks, how hard can this be?

  2. Yeah, I know exactly how that can be- we had an entire month without internet about this time last year…

      • @Errol, Think it was slightly over a month actually, but I can’t remember precisely how many days…

        Did end up visiting the library to explain my absence on my usual forums, catch up with the usual webcomics, etc.