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Comic 264 – “Podcast Placement”

Errol: James P Sheridan and I have a podcast. He loves Spiderman.. and Manda hates spiderman. Getting them together on the podcast is gold. I love how… it’s someone ELSE arguing and not me this time. 😀 (Sorry this is so late, took my daughter to the hospital… just a nasty virus. Things are fine though. :D)


Whitless: Really? spiderman has a hyphen? spider-man? I never knew that!

Errol: Hunh… neither did I.

James P Sheridan: And the S and M are capitalized!

Errol: You know how I wanted you guys to do a blurb for this comic? Forget it. What you have now is gold. Thanks guys!

Whitless: LOL

James P Sheridan: …

Whitless:  I feel very used.  Errol stuck James and I in a gmail chat together like a ten year old who puts 2 fighting fish in a bowl that also disagree about spiderman.  Sorry.  Spider-Man.  Apparently we’ve been spelling it wrong the whole time.  Why the hyphen?  It’s silly.  Batman doesn’t need a hyphen.  Because he’s Batman.  I suppose I’m mistaken about Spider-Man , but I just could never get into it and just can’t accept that amount of camp in my comics.  Poor James has been trying to convert me.  It’s not going so great. I’d rather talk about Myst.

James P Sheridan: The hyphen was used to differentiate the name from Superman since their word-structure appears  to be similar; it breaks up the word and makes it a little more recognizable, at least that was Stan Lee’s original idea. And originally Batman’s name was divided as The Bat Man so….ARGH! You got me geeking again…

14 Responses to Comic 264 – “Podcast Placement”

  1. JAMES P SHERIDAN! I hereby revoke your Geek Card because of the following reason: Stan Lee is not dead. It is impossible for him to be rolling in his grave while among the living. If you meant Jack Kirby, I would still take The Card.

    Manda should just talk about Myst, one of the best games ever made for PC, which I was happy to find on Steam after all these years.

    • @Kelson, I know he isn’t. I was hoping they would catch that and correct me and I could follow up with something that were he dead he would definitely be rolling in his grave.

      Unfortunately they didn’t catch on and the joke died.

      • @jps, Might suggest that most people, maybe even a high proportion of actual geeks, don’t necessarily know that sort of stuff…

      • @jps, Uh…. I knew he wasn’t dead… good grief… trust me. If Stan Lee were to die, I’m pretty darn sure the internets would be ablaze with that announcement.

        I was too busy laughing at how you two were having a hey day of an argument. 😀

  2. 1. I just love Whitless. She’s hilarious.

    2. So, um, where’s the CBC Radio One recording???!!! You said you’d post it!!!!

  3. Oh, hey, I saw RG today. He asked about you. He asked, “So when’s he moving? I’ll practice some new songs before he comes. I’m going to get a new guitar today…”