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Debs & Errol: Around the Web 3

Geeky Pleasures

Errol: Look! Look, We’re Featured Independent Artist for the month of May for Geeky Pleasures! Huzzah! Check out the review! I first met Julia Sherred on Google Plus! She was geeky, she had all these cool websites, and she talked to me! All sorts of awesome. I actually can’t keep up with all the stuff she has, but I try and tune in to her radio show, The Look 24/7,  once in a while!. 😀



 The Really Good Pot Roast Blog

 When I first saw the album cover for The Really Good Pot Roast, I was sold. Why? Just look at it. Click that link! LOOK! And although I didn’t play a lot of Oregon Trail, I was well aware of it. Their Album Title is even in our Double Rainbow/More than That song.

So I knew they were super cool. They have a review of our album as well! Once I can get Debs’s attention, I want to do more reviews of albums.

SF Signal

I think my sister is having more fun than I am. She is submitting Songs in the Key of Geek to as many geek websites that she can find. Is she geeky? No. She doesn’t know the difference between a AT-AT and an AT-ST, but she’s still trying. This is good, because I know Debs’s mom wants to split up the band. So it balances out. 😀



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