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Comic 328 – “Teasing”

Whitless: Again, this conversation is far from exaggerated.  It’s odd, actually.  Despite how flustered I get, Errol’s teasing has never really bothered me.  I think part of it is because I’ve grown up with those sorts of friendships.  Not only did I grow up with them, I seek them out.  I enjoy the banter that can come out of it, find it hilarious and even enjoy the challenge of coming up with responses.  I know it’s always in good fun and that if Errol’s not teasing you then he probably doesn’t want to be your friend (although I’ve yet to find anyone he DOESN’T want to be friends with).  And it wasn’t until last week that it occurred to me that maybe not everyone enjoys or can take the Errol teasing, or any teasing for that matter and I have to admit that fact weirded me out a little.  So I told Errol about it.  He teased me and then made it into a comic.  And the circle of teasing continues.

Errol: It’s been a crazy weekend of fun, that’s for sure. Anyway, on a more serious note, the website is, once again, annoying me. I’m seriously debating moving all the comics to tumblr or something, because I don’t think any ‘cheap’ hosting site can handle the traffic (and we don’t have that much). Oh well, will look into it further. I’m just glad I have tumblr somewhat figured out. At least, I spent time on it. Oh right, I need to put the tumblr icon at the top… social media is hard.

4 Responses to Comic 328 – “Teasing”

    • Heh, the other is a tumblr site. That’s all. I’m joining even MORE social media sites.

      *sigh* Social Media is hard…

      • That’s ok, Error. I don’t understand Twitter or Tumblr or Facebook either.
        Heck, I barely even text. My phone is always dead or dying, so I just don’t bother. XD