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Cast 465 – “ADR”

Errol: That’s right, I am exporting NaNoMusical, Episode 1, as we speak! Huzzah! And I bought a domain, but the website is not up yet. Don’t go there! It’s not finished. I got Luke to work on it for me just tonight. Hee hee.


3 Responses to Cast 465 – “ADR”

  1. Let me get this straight, he thought you made NaNoWriMo up? Sometimes I despair at you Errol, but usually not for this reason.

    • Well, he jokes a bit, but he had no idea that NaNoWriMo was as big as it was, as detailed in the next comic. 😀 His friend in BC was doing Nano, and he was a bit surprised he knew what it was. 😀