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Comic 447 – “S&L Holiday”

Errol: It seems every holiday I go to Snakes and Lattes for the day. Totally awesome. My wife and youngest are off on a boat doing… sailing … or something. It was a groupon thing. And because Ekko is petrified of boats, and I am quite happy not to be in nature, we are going to play boardgames! Huzzah!

Manpans is going to join us, and anyone else that wishes to, can join us too!

12 Responses to Comic 447 – “S&L Holiday”

    • Hee hee… more gaming… I have no time for gaming…

      Unless I need to render, and then I spend the off time terraforming Bob.

  1. To be fair, I handled 17 hours straight with Errol with only minor emotional trauma :D. And Errol, something’s up with the Log In. I log in, but it doesn’t seem to want to let me comment as Whitless.

  2. That last line is torturing me because I know I’m allowed to come if I can get to Canada and back in 30 minutes and also also get a passport before then and even then i can only stay an hour and I don’t have the time the tin foil or the car battery to make a hover board to get there.