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Comic 461 – “SFCOntario Take 2”

Errol: Yes, I did a faux pas again. I wasn’t supposed to announce anything, it’s up to the con to do that! But I was excited! Wait, I think I even included them in a tweet about it. I announced it on FB, I announced it here, I announced it on twitter. When I make a mistake, I don’t do it half heartedly! I go whole hog! HUZZAH!

I do have permission now. I even asked three times just to make sure I could announce things.

6 Responses to Comic 461 – “SFCOntario Take 2”

  1. Hah! They clearly have yet to learn the “Don’t forget to tell Errol not to repeat the super duper secret you told him cause he won’t just tell one person” rule.

  2. Are there strict rules about these sorts of things? I never know when or if I’m allowed to announce anything, so I generally just don’t announce it at all. And then I’m all sad and surprised when I’m the only person in the room.