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Comic 462 – “Stay Classy”


Errol: I hope to write straight for 24 hours when Nov 1st comes. Why not raise money for the organization while I do that. So… there ya go. I made a donation page. Well, they made it so I could have a donation page. That’s pretty cool, I was thinking of doing that, and didn’t want to collect donations by hand or anything. Of course someone would have made a wonderful Web 2.0 page to fulfill that need. I mean, what DOESN’T the internet have? Oh, I know! A free online way to figure out anagrams. THAT’S WHAT! We need that, for that anagram game which I totally suck at.

Oh right, I should link my donation page.


7 Responses to Comic 462 – “Stay Classy”

  1. I have specifically banned any computerised anagram solver from the anagram game…

    and we will find ways of bribing your children to tell us if you cheat.

    • Sorry! I don’t mean those. Those are everywhere on the internet.

      What I mean is a virtual Scrabble Tile board. I would love to move letters around.