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Comic 463 – “The People”

Errol: I think my sister is one of our biggest supports. I mean, we have a lot of great supporters too… I wonder why she isn’t commenting anymore. Who scared her off? 😀 We should hold some sort of event to bring her back.

Whitless:  Poor Lizette!  She did all of this crazy work with grants for us and she can’t see the episodes yet.  We put out the first episode in less than a week.  We still haven’t finished the other episodes.  Let the hyperventilating begin.

12 Responses to Comic 463 – “The People”

  1. Errol has obviously not spent enough time editing. Why are you taking it so easy on him Manda?

  2. Truly, I haven’t gotten scared off. I read the comics faithfully. I check the facebook. I constantly look for grant opportunities. I just haven’t been commenting because:
    1. I’m busy.
    2. I have a six year old with boundless energy. I have eternal maternal guilt.
    3. She started violin. She now has homework.
    4. I’m busy.
    5. Unlike Errol, I have a job. (OUCH!!!! LOW blow, Lizette).
    6. I’m actually not very narcissistic so after a while, I start thinking, “Does anyone actually give a sh** about what I say? I don’t think so,” and so I even lose interest in my own comments and stop commenting….

  3. Ah post-production deadlines for an episodic series. Its not unusual to release the first episode of something while the remaining episodes are incomplete, so don’t panic too much.

    I would offer to help, but anything I would do, Errol manages to do better anyways, even when he doesn’t have time. 😛

  4. Good to see you around here too Ja-Mez.. The anagram forum thread keeps bringing up your name. In fact you were the target of the very first example anagram.

    • Hey, leave me out of it- just because he has a fixation with certain elements of punctuation… *does not finish sentence*