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Comic 481 – “CBC Interview”


Errol: This is crazy exciting for me! CBC Here and Now is a local radio show and I’m on at 5:20 doing a live interview. I’m shocked I’m LIVE though! Huzzah! So excited. 😀

Manda:  Words cannot express my excitement right now.  I just realized though that I won’t be near a radio at the broadcast time.  This makes me infinitely sad :(.  Unless I can get my phone to finally agree to play the radio…

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2 Responses to Comic 481 – “CBC Interview”

  1. Okay, trying this again. I’m getting this odd thing where I keep thinking I’m caught up, I comment, then there is more comic. Should have realized something was up when episode three wasn’t embedded…. I think I’m caught up now. Maybe. Or maybe I’ll hit submit and see more comic. That would be cool.