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Comic 482 – “Projects Galore”

Errol: And… I also have to finish the Nanowrimo Musical as well. *sigh* I was SO exhausted today, I slept in until 12pm! I usually get up at 8! I think the excitement from yesterday really wore me out!

19 Responses to Comic 482 – “Projects Galore”

  1. I see Dale (err, Luke) talking about IndieGoGo. I’m really hoping that this equates to NanoMusical DVDs and/or Soundtracks!

    Also, NaNoMusical has made me some sort of huge fan of everything Errol, somehow. Reading the archives of this and NaNoToons, as well as rewatching (with the screen off, so I can listen to the songs) every episode of NaNoMusical for hours while I write (I think I could do the whole thing so far by heart now). Huzzah for awesome people!

  2. Just saying, you could have got a Shakespeare quote into panel two… When shall we three meet again would have been perfectly on topic (apart from not directly mentioning the podcast)

  3. @ Quinn – You should see my new nanowrimo youtube play list. It all started with the musical, now my playlist is 90% Errol, Debs and Errol or Errol and Whitless. Then I had to read the comic, watch Whitless’ letters vids, and I have downloaded and subscribed to the podcast, but am trying very very hard not to watch until after Nano.

    • Yeah, I started watching Whitless too. Ohmigosh, I actually didn’t write last night because her videos kept distracting me. Blargh, I actually have been following the NaNo fandom WAY MORE than actually writing, which is sad.

      • Lol. I’ve been doing the same. Almost done with my first Nano novel though. But the other is only 1/3 of the way done, so I’m way behind. Stupid videos are too good for my own good. Of course, if I wasn’t sick, I’d be heading to work now. Course, if I wasn’t sick, my word count would be higher. Le sigh.

    • If you guys are looking for more Errol and Whitless distractions they also have a nifty little podcast. πŸ˜€

  4. DONE! :: shouting this everywhere, thrilled and relieved:: DONE DONE DONE. 77K and DONE!

    Well, with one of my two nanonovels, but still, DONE!

  5. Thanks! The second has about 45K. So working on that now. Well, I did take a bit of a break, but the point remains. Thank you!