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Comic 483 – “Regular Routine”

Errol: Poor Manpans… this is pretty much true again. She was getting nervous for us because we didn’t practice. Debs and I are used to that. Of course, I was still hungry, so Manpans and Debs did a quick run to get us food. They got back in time to see most of Kari’s concert! Which was a lot of fun!

Whitless:  Yup…I panic for people sometimes.  Although a lot of this was inner panic, I didn’t tell Errol till after the concert how freaked out I got when Debs said “Should we practice?” as they wandered into the concert room.  Which is weird, because I myself am used to doing things incredibly last minute in my shows too…

Debs: Just for the record, I would really, really much rather practice. Even if it’s a song we’ve done 1000 times.

One Response to Comic 483 – “Regular Routine”

  1. Hey, I misjudged the number of songs I would need and ended up singing two I hadn’t been expecting to have to do, one of which was a bit too high for my voice. Planning is overrated. That said, I did insist on going entirely off book, so I clearly did some planning at some point.