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Comic 484 – “Kari Concert”

Errol: You know, people keep saying “off book” to me, and I still have to translate that in my head to mean “memorized”. All these foreign show terms I’m unfamiliar with…

For those of you who do not know Kari Maaren, she also does a webcomic called West of Bathurst. And she played the ukulele in the 2nd episode of the Nanowrimo Musical!

12 Responses to Comic 484 – “Kari Concert”

  1. I spent all of yesterday reading her comic because of a previous plug you gave her, Errol. If you guys ever do a cross over…. My brain might just explode.

  2. I’m sure Casey and Errol will be both to blame, of course. By the by, Casey is driving me crazy.

  3. The sad thing is, I don’t know if you mean that viewing him as a writer talking about a character as a plot tool… or if that’s actually spoken from the minds of your characters. Including possibly Casey himself. The reply works on so many levels.

  4. Why, both, of course. It certainly applies within the world of the comic. If Casey is, in fact, the devil, it may even be quite literal.

  5. I write a comic, and Lore Hera just read something like twelve hundred of my comics in about a day. It’s probably a given that anything we say to each other is going to read like a comic.

  6. *laugh*

    I’m in for a crossover. 😀 You are, Kari, allowed to use my likeness for anything. 😀 Well, almost anything.

  7. That’s scary permission to give to someone who has a following on the internet, Errol. Especially if someone plants it in her mind to take that as a challenge. If you need me, Ill be laughing manically in the corner.