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Comic 485 – “IndieNotGo”

Errol: We’re having problems. *sigh* That’s one reason this comic is late. The other is that I slept in. Manpans thought I was dead. What an awful way to launch our Nanomusical CD campaign! And I didn’t have breakfast either. I’m hungry now.

Edit: It’s up! Huzzah! 😀 And we already have over a $1000 on the first day!

11 Responses to Comic 485 – “IndieNotGo”

  1. …..CD…. You are trying to guarantee I’ll never have money for food again, I’m on to your diabolical plan…. and unfortunately… It probably will work. Le Sigh.

  2. Aw, just went to try and claim the first donation, but yep, comic is right; still broken. Ah well. Also… when it isn’t broken, will there be a way to donate without pay pal? :sweatbead:

    • Awww…. I wish Lore Hera. But you can do it as a guest, I think! So you don’t have to!

      But if you mistrust paypal, I kinda don’t blame you for that too…

      • Not mistrust, just only got a debit card recently, and my credit card has been shut off since before paypal existed, so I never set up an account. My sister hates them, though.

  3. This is the text I received from Manda when I alerted them of the glitch:
    “Oh sure, Errol will tell me about all his bodily functions but when I actually need him to answer? NOTHING”

    So funny.