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Comic 486 – “IndieCanGo!”

Errol: Wednesday morning was a rollercoaster. First, our Nanomusical CD IndieGoGo Campaign didn’t work. We were seriously stressed and bummed out. Then it worked and we got over a $1000 dollars in under an hour! We were over the moon with excitement! And the above conversation is pretty much all true… except for my last line, of course. 😀 Manpans is so funny, she’s still freaking out about it.

Manpans: No, no that’s exactly how it happened.  I was hyperventilating.  In my seat at work.  Continually asking Errol to double check the page.  Thankfully, my co-workers have learned to ignore me now, and didn’t pay much mind to the panicky blond frantically texting.  It’s very awesome news!

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