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Comic 487 – “G33k Show Again!”

Errol: Huzzah! We’re doing the G33k Art Show in Kitchener on Saturday. It’s difficult for me, because I have to get back and play at a dinner for 6pm, but our gig ends at 4pm. AUGH. And then, what’s after that? The Toronto Nano Overnighter. I don’t even know if I can go. *sigh* It’s going to be a hectic day!

13 Responses to Comic 487 – “G33k Show Again!”

  1. Finally exceeded Errol’s word count… now to take a break and watch something for inspiration.

  2. @ MP – What are you going to watch?

    @ Errol – Wow, busy. Tell you what, you get me the time off of work, and the plane tickets, and I’ll go to the overnighter for you. No, wait, what do you mean that doesn’t actually help?

    • Been re-watching the episode thus far released of Gundam Unicorn, which is a similar style to what I’m currently writing.

      • Cool! I’ve never watched any of the Gundum series myself. With that, I broke one of the ten commandments of anime, I judged the anime by the fan girls. They scared me.

      • Most of the fangirls seem to go for Gundam Seed and Seed Destiny- which I vowed never to watch again… Luckily they’re a completely different continuity to everything else.

    • Huzzah! I was able to finish the D&E comic for saturday, two Nanotoon comics, create chord sheets for four songs for tomorrow, organize my evening gig, and get my oil changed! 😀

      But… I still haven’t finished episode 5, nor the podcast… nor prepared for another gig with debs which she wants… why everything this weekend? 🙁

  3. Yay! A gig near me!
    The thing is, I have too much stuff to do, with homework and NaNo and chores and I have to babysit that day too and I need to update my resume so I can get a real job and…
    You know what? I think you get the point. xDD

      • One day I will get a car, and then I can see you guys at a future G33K Art Show.
        But Saturday was not that day, and it may not be that day for quite a while yet. I could always take The 1 bus to City Hall, but that requires bus fare (which means money that I don’t have) and free time (which I also don’t have).