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Comic 488 – “Oil Change”

Errol: The G33k Art show is today, and I had to get my oil changed because it was getting low and I have to drive to Kitchener. For those that don’t know Mark, he’s my guitarist who plays on the CD. He’s useful in the real world too: he fixes cars, does renovations, all sorts of important things.

I have no skills in the real world. So when it comes to things like oil changes and putting up shelving, I can’t seem to level up.


7 Responses to Comic 488 – “Oil Change”

  1. Signs that Errol might be tired of adding new characters: instead of thinking up a logo for Mark’s t-shirt, he just wrote his name instead.

    • Marks character is a year old, manpans! 🙂

      And his name has significance. He’s my guitarist, and his name is the same font as Gibson guitars… 🙂