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Comic 489 – “Grandpa’s Cottage”

Errol: As we have blogged before, we have another song for Sing Me A Story called My Grandpa’s Cottage! I didn’t push it before, because it was wonky on Firefox, but it works now! HUZZAH! And you have to hear it, because Debs wrote the song, and sings it, and plays the piano and you can tell why I keep begging her to be in the band. 😀 By all means, check out more of Sing Me A Story, and in the new year we will get some time to write more songs!

Debs: Next year? Don’t you mean next week? And I SO write songs! When was the last time you wrote a song for us? 😉


5 Responses to Comic 489 – “Grandpa’s Cottage”

  1. Errol’s right. Ouch, I shouldn’t say that too often. Debs is so insanely talented, it’s mind boggling. Debs and Errol must soldier on and exist forever.

  2. This is such a sweet song song – especially looking at the picture as it is playing…