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Comic 501 – “Last Minute”

Errol: This is how we write songs.

To be fair to Debs, she did ask if I was busy and I said I would write lyrics.

To be fair to me, she did know that I was going out that night.

To be fair to Debs, I did tell her I would drop anything for the band.

To be fair to me, she always asks me to do things the last minute.

To be fair to Debs, writing lyrics is easy for me to do.

Debs: Hey! I didn’t just spring this; I asked for SMAS lyrics a few times before last week…I think! Anyway, he literally sent me lyrics for three songs ten minutes after I asked. I was dubious. Has comic me ever made that face in the third panel before?

Errol: That could be a trivia question, I dunno. You asked this way, “We should write more songs for SMAS!” And I said yes. 😀 And why were you dubious? The songs were already outlined! There are STORIES there to turn into lyrics. 😀 And it didn’t take me ten minutes. It took me ten minutes each song!

7 Responses to Comic 501 – “Last Minute”

  1. A white border…does this mean this will be an epic week long adventure? Also, yay! Debs is back in the blurb!

      • I thought Errol’s on record saying that the white border denotes things that happened in the past- I dunno how long ago it has to have been to be in the past (considering everything is sort of in the past by the time it gets made into a comic), but that’s what I recall Errol saying…

      • Poor Debs,

        Yes, that’s what the white border means.

        If it’s a black border, it usually means it happened the day of, or the night before.

        This particular thing happened last monday. 😀

      • Yeah, you need a full color code key… And I think I just understood how you picked the background colors. Noooope NM. I thought maybe the colors you were putting in the Bios page made up the background colors of the comic.. but then you and debs talking would make a blue and green background, not light blue and blue.

        OH!!! Those “writes in..” colors are for the after words… I GET IT!

      • Ah… background colours. There WAS a rhyme to those colours, but it’s obscure and I had to fudge it because I guess bread isn’t made on Wednesdays in the states…

  2. I do things like that for my bosses. They never understand why a rush job they have me do at home can get done in an hour (graphic design) when it takes me anywhere from 4-8 in the office. I really don’t have the heart to tell them that it’s because their constant “hurry up and wait” mentality, followed by nitpicking that doesn’t happen on a rush job takes up more time than the actual flyer. I wouldn’t mind the nitpicking if half the requested changes weren’t to go back to something more like what I previously had.