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Comic 503 – “Verse Problems”

Errol: Poor Debs. As I’ve said, when it comes to songwriting, Debs is better at music, I’m better at lyrics. Of course, she’ll still change all my lyrics, but hey. And I’ve settled on the new comic time: 8am EST. So, hopefully these comics will be updated by then. 😀

Debs: Hmmm….I honestly don’t think I’m better at music or you’re better than lyrics. Faster at each, maybe.

25 Responses to Comic 503 – “Verse Problems”

  1. LOL! I love musical puns. I’m trying to think of one, but how to fit it into a normal sounding sentence without falling flat…

  2. Okay, okay, we’ll keep it sotto voce if we must pun. But you could have asked, you didn’t have to be so sharp about it. So that’s it guys, watch it, or Errol will pound us flat!

    Sorry, subtly is not my instrument after a whole shift, try me after a long rest.