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Comic 504 – “Witness”



Errol: Manpans, Brian and I were all on Skype last night after a harrowing game of Terraria. I needed to get going because the comic was not done yet, and the above happened. Poor Manpans and her guilt. Sometimes I exaggerate, sometimes I don’t. This is one of the “dont’s”. We will return to our original story arc tomorrow, but I had to remember this for now.

Brian: This was absolutely amazing… I recognize the skill of an artist when I see it! You read these comics as a normal speak-and-respond conversation, but No!  In the space of half a second ‘Manda went from completely relaxed to hyper pressurized guilt and horror – “Oh no! I’ve offended him. I must fix this!”.  I think she never took a breath because by the time she would have, Errol had already spoken over top of her and cranked it up another notch and the urgency to fix what she’d done was that much more! She spoke faster and faster to get more sentences out and maybe to fix the situation before she ran out of air.  All the while she was “somehow” offending Errol more and more!  Errol did only say those three things, but `Manpans had at least 10-15 more sentences in that same amount of time, before I burst out laughing so hard no one could hear anything…   It was truly beautiful. 

Whitless: Every. Single. Word. And the guilt is still there.

Errol: I love you people. 😀

21 Responses to Comic 504 – “Witness”

  1. Jaxom, whom we forced out of Terraria and off to bed an hour before (aka 11ish), heard it all too. I was laughing too loud. I think I woke the house.

  2. Is this a change of text color from Whitless I see?

    Definitely sympathise with Whitless on this one- dealing with Errol is an art for the initiated, and I keep missing the initiation ceremony.

  3. One of these days I would like to get Bryan, Kelson and Mercenary Pen as well as a few other loyal listeners on the podcast, even if we have to use Skype.