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Comic 506 – “Set Length”

Set Length


Errol: Debs and I always argue about this one. She’s always right when it comes to estimating set length though. I always want to sing more songs. Here’s the Facebook Event if you missed it!

Debs: Maybe they’re let us to do 2 and 2?

18 Responses to Comic 506 – “Set Length”

  1. I assume given the context that you’ll be giving priority to the Star Wars songs in your repertoire…

    • Yes! We hope to do two of ours, cover the one from Double-Clicks and Kirby Krackle, and then do a fanfic one.

      Maybe. We don’t really know.

      • The two of yours are gonna be AT-ATs in the snow and TIE after TIE, or do you have other star wars songs that I’m not aware of?

      • This is of course when I challenge you to create one about the Thrawn trilogy and perform it there…

        What, you expected me to say I wouldn’t do that to you… Think again.

      • Parasite worms? I’d understand if we were talking about the Wrath of Khan or Stargate, but I hardly think that’s relevant to the Thrawn trilogy…

      • Ahem, I just realised you’re talking about the Ysalamiri (though technically not parasites or exactly worms)

      • Blocking your Force powers…like a boss.

        You know, “Dark Force Rising” was the first Star Wars book I ever read when I first became obsessed. I was so thrilled to discover the books existed. I remember wondering was how they would name clones that didn’t have a “u” in them already. was “Luuke” and “Joruus” – would they have just picked another vowel like Leeia?

  2. I have been refreshing pretty regularly since the last comic, and it just showed me NOW (December 16, after 10pm)that there is a December 15th comic…

    • What? That doesn’t make sense, I turned the cache off! I wonder if there’s something squirrelly with the internets… 🙁

      • I blame internets… if anything, check our tumblr, twitter and facebook too. They get updated as well, at the same time, 8:00am.

      • Lol. So I already have no life because of webcomics, and now you want me to have less than none? Bad enough I’m working on one of my own. Lol. Anyway, I dislike FB, and I told myself no more Tumblr until I catch up on my 3 core Tumblr fandoms. 2/3 done, stuck on one boss on Dream Drop Distance.

      • *laugh* You don’t have to check tumblr daily, just check and make sure that it got posted! Although, it should be every day, except Sunday, at 8am. 😀

      • You’ve never seen me on Tumblr. Forget daily, when I was home I was on quarterly, as in quarter of the hour. That’s part of why I quit Facebook in disgust. I didn’t so much quit as…well… frankly.. escaped. And everyone (my job included) keeps trying to drag me back. Aren’t the games on my ipad demanding enough?