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Comic 510 – “#P4A Aftermath”

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Errol: It’s over. We finished in first for popularity, but we don’t know if that actually means anything in the final standings. I sure hope OLL wins. 😀

Whitless: This was a text conversation. Poor exhausted Errol. Although to be fair, I don’t feel drained allllllll the time.  Just when I take on 5 projects…which would be now :D.

9 Responses to Comic 510 – “#P4A Aftermath”

  1. I don’t buy that its possible to drain Errol. The man is an enthusiasm factory that endlessly pumps out energy and excitement.

    • I think i’ve seen it happen twice? Last night we had something to work on but Errol was too tired and went to bed. I was tired too but still.

      • I don’t know 🙂 I just definitely seem to remember a first time. I’m excited to record too! It’s going to be AWESOME.

      • All this means is that you need to try harder- that way you’ll drain him more regularly…
        *rubs hands together with evil grin on face*

      • I may have been replying to Debs, but I was using you in the plural sense- and I reckon if we can keep you at seventeen projects a month or more every month, you’ll be drained more often than not…

      • YAY!!!!!

        And on a related note, I’ll happily help with trying to drain. Sounds fun! And I’m always happy to take on new creative projects!