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Comic 509 – “#P4A Wrapup”



Errol: Thing is, we aren’t popular. NaNoWriMo liked our Project For Awesome video and then promoted it! It’s SO exciting because we started doing draws with them, donating our download albums and whatnot. 😀

We find out at 12pm December 19th who won. Will the algorithm they are using now be the same ones they use for popularity? I don’t know! I hope so, because then OLL is in the running. But if not, oh well, so keep those comments coming! 😀

If anything, it’s been a whirlwind of crazy for us, and I know we have probably driven half our twitter followers away because of the insane activity, but I hope they come back. Please come back! We’re done now!

Thank you, all of you, for helping us with this video. You guys commented, you guys promoted, and even though we’re noobs, I think our little Whovian voice got heard. 😀

Debs: I had dreams about #p4a all night…


21 Responses to Comic 509 – “#P4A Wrapup”

    • Well, the livestream finished at 12pm eastern US (I think) it was certainly 5pm UK time- and that saw the end to the collecting of numbers. I think they now have to work out all the rest of the numbers with regards to matching of donations, and how much money is coming out of John Green’s pocket due to video comments, as well as whether they spread it between more charities this year (having raised more this year than in all previous years combined)

      • Me tooooo! I want to know if the popularity algorithm will be used for deciding who gets the donations! We were MOST POPULAR! WHO WOULD HAVE THOUGHT?!?

      • I think the order on their front page is a little all over the place- because there are videos with more views and more likes than yours… (though about six other people did videos supporting the OLL)

      • I know! There are videos with HUGE youtube heavyweights with THOUSANDS of likes and thousands of views… and yet we’re the most popular.

        Seriously, knowing we’re not heavyweights, we weren’t expecting to be popular at all…

      • Final word may be waiting on people sleeping after 48 hours of live streaming possibly…

        Some of us don’t need sleep though 😀

      • Got sent home from work early. So I can refresh far more than is healthy.

        Also, did the site layout change again, or is my browser being wonky? It looks all stretchy and odd and there are…. okay, made my page full screen. creepy background picture, guys. LOL.

      • Certainly the first, but possibly both- and were you not aware of the background picture from its previous incarnation?

      • Due to watching youtube during Nano, my browser is small and shoved to one side, and I never changed it back. So apparently I was unaware there had been a background image before.

      • Sorry, I was unclear- it wasn’t a background image until now, but it has been around since either April or May (I forget which) on the forums…