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Contest: Choose A New Song for Us!


So remember this comic a few days ago when Errol said he wouldn’t trust you guys to choose us a song for our upcoming Fan Fiction: Star Wars gig? Well, actually we ARE letting you choose! Here’s how:

1) Head on over to, where you will find:

A ridiculous number of Star Wars Song Parodies!

(Above link takes you to a custom search, but feel free to find ones for yourself by searching “Star Wars musical” or “Star Wars parodies”).

2) Find something awesome/cringeworthy/hilarious that you could see us singing. It could be anything! The only stipulation is that it has to be about Star Wars (obviously) and also G-rated (so no swearing or sex).

3) Comment here with a link anytime between now and 8:00PM on Sunday, December 23rd. We’ll pick our favourite five and then put it to a vote! Then we’ll do some hasty practicing and perform it on Saturday, January 5th!

Errol: Oh, we’re going to practice? Good idea.


28 Responses to Contest: Choose A New Song for Us!

  1. Um, link takes me to a Debs and Errol 404 page and comic archive, not the custom search. Just a FYI.

  2. Also, are you only choosing from or would you consider other sources? Like if we wrote something ourselves, or like something already out there that you guys could do an awesome cover for (Moosebutter’s tribute to John Williams, Star Wars Cantina, and the ilk of filk)?

    • It’s for the actual night, where they ALL choose something from, so yes, sorry, we have to choose from that site! 😀

      • Lore I was thinking that same thing, as I’d just came up with an idea for a parody..

        Sooooo I now have an account on the site and have accepted the guidelines for publishing in order to enable the New Story button. 🙂

      • I did consider that, lol. Decided to let the community that has been there longer have it. especially since the last time I tired posting something there I got so confused I think I posted chapter 1 5 times, and never figured out how to post chapter 2.

  3. I’ll put in another vote for The Jedi Who Don’t Do Anything. Since there’s only the two of you, you’ll need to convince a singing cucumber, gourd, or grape to join your act.

  4. I agree with my stunningly handsome husbeast! (Why yes he told me to say that except for the beast part) but I really do agree with him!