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Comic 514 – Choose Your Own Comic Adventure! Yes! It’s a Game!


Errol: I didn’t think I’d get this done, but I did. So there may be glitches galore, but as a Christmas present, I created a Choose Your Own Debs & Errol Comic game. Just for you. There are about 64 comics inside of it, and it may be glitchy because I haven’t had time to test, it but I wanted to get it out in time. Merry Christmas! 😀

10 Responses to Comic 514 – Choose Your Own Comic Adventure! Yes! It’s a Game!

  1. It’s 4 in the morning, I got home from Christmas with my family an hour ago, and I need to go to bed. So what am I doing? Playing a choose-your-own-adventure comic game and reading about Errol pooing. How did my life come to this?

    • Imagine helping him write it and asking out loud “…so how long is this pooing going to go on for? Really?”

      • What I really want to know is why are there not mouseovers on every single comic? Or any of them? A few hidden ones here and there would have been funny (though admittedly I didn’t check every single one, so maybe there are some hidden…)

      • Sorry, I had 64 of them to do in two days, and then… the way the software works, I had to do it manually. Next time… next time will be mouseovers. 😀