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Comic 515 – “Knitting”


Errol: Yes. I learned to knit. 😀 Here’s a pic of me knitting and a small excerpt from my post on Facebook!

It’s 2am. WHAT?! Good grief. Anyway, I learned a lot of things tonight. I learned how to do a normal Knit and then also a Purl.

Look, the knitted monstrosity looks like a fish tie, or something. The bottom part is all straight knit stitch, and that’s called a Garter Stitch.

Then when you Knit a row and then Purl a Row, that’s a Stocking Stitch.

And finally, at the top, I Knit 2 and then Purl 2. And this is Ribbing!


12 Responses to Comic 515 – “Knitting”

  1. Now all you need to do is get a pair of Maracas and knit Totoro covers to go over them… (though you’ll have to create the pattern for them first)

    • I’m left-handed too, Kristi, so I feel your pain. There were quite a few failed attempts before I finally got it my last year of university. It took another leftie to teach me.

      • I don’t know any lefties who knit, and I know a lot of lefties. I thought about getting a book to teach myself, but in the end, if I have free time, I’d much rather be writing.

  2. It’s strangely addicting isn’t it? It’s not surprising repetitive patterns and construction appeal to engineering side of personalities. It’s a bit like Civilization.. it just keeps you going and going…

  3. But knitting is so slow compared to crochet! (or maybe *my* knitting is slow compared to crochet) I figure I have already spent approximately 40 hours on my current knitting project (a baby blanket) and I’m only half-way done.