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Our #P4A – Please Vote!

Errol: Yes, this is our Project For Awesome for NaNoWriMo! Please vote for us and NaNoWriMo will get significant donations! Please Share!

6 Responses to Our #P4A – Please Vote!

  1. Seriously, Errol is like an overgrown 5-year-old who can’t sit still and has to say whatever pops into his head immediately. Makes for entertaining videos and (sometimes hard to follow) podcasts, but I can’t even imagine what it must be like to try to work with him. And this is totally meant in a good way. I like 5-year-olds!

    • I pitched a video idea to Errol today about just how excitable he can become and taking it to the extreme. I can’t say more in case we end up doing it, but it was awesome in my head.

      As for podcasts…I’m back…I tried to keep us on topic. I don’t think I succeeded. There is just no wrangling poor Fishbrains.