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Comic 508 – “#P4A Addiction”


Errol: Yes, we are still doing our Project For Awesome Video so that NaNoWriMo gets the monies! Please, comment. Please like it! Please vote! Heck, comment more just for fun. Pick out all the geek references! Laugh at the asian. Do whatever it takes!

And it’s been a whirlwind of crazy for Debs and I. We are really bit players in this, going up against people who have hundreds of thousands of subscribers. NaNoWriMo didn’t get their donation numbers, so we hoped this could help! 😀

You know what else we didn’t do? We didn’t monetize it so YOU didn’t have to sit through 5 seconds of ads. 😀 Nothing wrong with Ads, honestly, youtube people need to make money some how. Oh, and today, there will be more CD give aways draws!

That’s right! Nanowrimo likes us! We have given them download cards to give away if you retweet their tweets! Just follow them!


23 Responses to Comic 508 – “#P4A Addiction”

  1. I think it was mentioned in the Livestream that they’re tracking activity in the last hour primarily, but this may change because they’re gonna be checking for repeat ip addresses, etc.

  2. This is exactly what I do whenever I post anything on the internet that I’m hoping for some kind of response to. When I used to write fanfic, every time I posted a new chapter, I watched for hits constantly (usually with disappointing results). I don’t understand how this all works, but I’m glad you seem to be getting lots of activity on your video!

    • I know how you feel. Manpans does especially. ;D

      I never expected our video to do well against the juggernauts, but I really hope that Nano gets in the top five.

    • I do this with the podcast almost daily. Check mail, no replies, sad Ja-Mez. Check twitter, no tweets, sad Ja-Mez. I get super giddy when Brian comments on our Facebook page. 😀

      Also doesn’t help that iPadio’s hit-counter makes no sense at all. According to it we have thousands of listeners. 😛

      • Thanks, got it now, was trying for Errol and the Bald guy, that was the one I couldn’t find early episodes for. Listening to 3geeks now.

      • And I can’t listen any more. Haven’t seen Wreck It Ralph yet. T.T I worked in a movie theater for so many years that now that I’m not… I kind of forgot that movies cost money.

      • You can also find both on iTunes and subscribe so you never have to remember when episodes air in the future, and find all the previous episodes.

      • I don’t have a good chance in my day to listen to podcasts. I listened to the first 2 of Errol and the Bald Guy, then couldn’t get back to the third. I’ve never even listened to a podcast before, really, but you guys are entertaining (even when I don’t understand what you’re talking about).

        Then a week later, I find out that you guys have started a new one with Manpans, and I know I’ll never catch up. *sigh*

  3. One of my favorite things about podcasts is that you can listen at your own leisure. Unlike radio you aren’t listening live, if you don’t have time now you can check it out later. I love to listen to podcasts when I am traveling to work or doing menial labour. Listen while you walk the dogs, or fold the laundry. Listen in chunks.

    I am just happy that people listen.

    • I used to listen to audio podcasts on the line for the bus, because it could take up to an hour either way. But recently I seem to be more drawn to ones with a visual element, even if I don’t always watch the video. Things like Ask A Ninja and Will It Blend. That said, I really haven’t listened to podcasts much since starting my new job this past summer.

    • I don’t have many stretches of time like that. Folding laundry or making supper might be good times though. I actually never considered those as times to listen to a podcast, partly because I usually have to stop and go a lot, but it might still work.