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Comic 528 – “Yakko Warner”


Errol: I am a huge Animaniacs fan. This news is so awesome I am going to knit Warner Brothers now. I can’t even figure out what to say because this news is exciting. I think I will beg the panel powers that be to have him sing with us…

Manda: My first time being a guest and the man responsible for 50% of my childhood nostalgia will be present as well. I had about half an hour of real excitement. Followed by the reaction above. It’s been ping ponging between the two emotions ever since.Β  SO EXCITING! OH MAN I’M IN OVER MY HEAD!

Brian: I have to say that this is VERY cool.. Some people admire the insanity of the Seinfeld’s “show about nothing”, but it always seemed way too normal to me. Β Now the Animaniacs – THEY know how to live! Β In the Google Hangout, Errol broke into a mean version of Yakko’s Nations of the World when he heard the news – except Errol starts with the speed at which Yakko ends:


27 Responses to Comic 528 – “Yakko Warner”

  1. That is SO COOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I love the Animaniacs! ^_^
    But Yakko left out Wales in his song πŸ™ He mentioned Scotland and Ireland and England but not Wales (or Northern Ireland for that matter…)
    I’m half-Welsh so that makes me sad πŸ™

    I’m probably not as excited as you but this is one of the coolest things I’ve heard in a while.
    (Although I think I preferred Wakko as a child…)

    • I know, the song is terribly out of date now.

      And… I loved Wakko a lot. I had a little Wakko doll that made it into my grad pic. πŸ˜€

      That’s how geeky I am.

    • And it ends with Sudan, but there is now also South Sudan.

      But I’m good with that. There it is after all Yakko’s World – so it’s bound to be a little different!


      • Yakko’s world is just plain out of date- after all it still has Yugoslavia and Czechoslovakia, neither of which exists as a single state any more.

      • I wasn’t expecting it to be up to date, but the lack of Wales which has been around for as long as England puzzled me.

  2. *flails* I caught up on the comic! Yay!

    And ooo I loved Animaniacs. XD I had an slight obsession with Wakko (I think it was the accent..) and used to own a lot of his merchandise that I sadly don’t have anymore.