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Comic 529 – “Fansqueeing”


Errol: Some of you are probably thinking we’re going a tad bit overboard with all the Fansqueeing that’s happening. If you aren’t used to it by now, it’s not going to lessen by any degree.

Anyway, check out Con-G and Rob Paulsen. It’s pretty awesome.

Oh yes, yesterday, Manpans was the guest spotlight! Huzzah Manpans!

Manda: I might be hyperventilating again. My first time being a guest at a con and I feel like I’m a Little Leaguer playing at the Skydome. That’s stressful, but also crazy exciting :D. I’m very excited for this con.

Furthermore, this sunday, the Telethon G+ Hangout Stream is happening for the NaNoMusical IndieGoGo campaign! We need an easier way to say that.

And finally, the latter half from Star Wars Fan Fiction night that occurred at Black Swan Comedy. We sing three songs near the beginning. Warning, NSFW language and situations. Not by us, I don’t think.

Ja-Mez: Ahem…you are taking attention away from important TMNT worship and fan-service here. *tsk*

19 Responses to Comic 529 – “Fansqueeing”

  1. I was hoping this would eventually work itself out, but now I have to step in. It’s Rob Paulsen. e-n.


  2. I’d actually like to see those Animaniac finger puppets.. XD

    And Raphael was always my favorite Turtle.. meh too bad Canada is so far away…

  3. So I just need to share that while I was eating breakfast this morning, I was looking out the window and saw an otter running towards the neighbors house and then running back to the pond in the back. I never knew Florida even HAD otters but apparently we do. It’s a much larger animal than I would have thought..

  4. Since the clip was back I was finally able to listen to the show. I cracked up.. and I really wish there was video of what was going on during that. XD But ohhh.. the Star Trek thing was bad… yeah. Other than that very entertaining and good job! πŸ™‚ If possible a video of the fanfiction song would be nice to see and hear.

    • Debs and I are much better live than on recording, because we can respond to the audience! Also… we don’t really do our act on the CD.

      Video… we should get more videos out. πŸ˜€