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Comic 530 – “ASA Adventure”


Errol: As you may know, Manpans is a reviewer on and so we played an adventure game set in space and it was all sorts of awesome.

Manda: We played it for five hours last night. We were determined NOT TO LET THOSE PUZZLES DEFEAT US! Many combinations were attempted. Many things were yelled in frustration. Many squees of delight were uttered when we finally got it. Good times.

And tomorrow is our Nanomusical Live Streaming Video Telethon for the NaNoMusical IndieGoGo Campaign!

Here’s the info:

It’s Errol here and we have a fun thing we want to do to help along our campaign.

We want to do a streaming video cast telethon!

We will be on G+ Hangouts, and we will stream it on Youtube, and you guys can watch, comment, ask questions, anything! It will be all sorts of fun!

Sunday, January 13th
14:00pm EST

Errol, Manda and Blythe starting at 14:00 EST
Kelsey & Babs around 17:00 EST
Luke around 21:00 EST

– Interviews of cast!
– Interview with OLL themselves!
– Video commentaries of musical and bloopers!
– Blooper Episode 6 will be released!
– Singing!
– Errol will knit!

Come and hang out with us! It will be all sorts of fun! And spread the word. That is what we truly need!

Thanks so much for all your support, and we will see you Sunday!

16 Responses to Comic 530 – “ASA Adventure”

  1. Aww don’t ignore the TMNT news.. XD

    I didn’t know you could stream on Youtube. So we go there to watch? Or do we go to the G+ hangout?

    And as a random thought… Telethon doesn’t really sound right since.. there’s no telephones involved. Its more of a… Internethon or a Streamthon. Nanothon! That works too! XD

    Seeing Mary Poppins (the play) today so I’m off to get ready to leave now.

  2. Hey, I’m curious what Ja-mez’s reaction was when Shailene Woodley was announced to be MJ in the next Spiderman.

    • From what google shows, she might work. She’s got a little too much of the unknowingly-gorgeous-girl-next-door look and not quite enough of the all-that-and-she-knows-it-so-Peter-is-knocked-back-onto-his-backside-when-she-winks-at-him look. But that could probably be addressed. I disagree slightly with something James had implied on the pod cast. He’d said that the smart-alec jokester is just who Peter always is – and in a way that’s true, but it is the suit that allows that gives him the freedom to let that come out. It is completely suppressed and overwhelmed in Peter as himself. Now Mary Jane – she plays to that side of Peter when Peter is still just himself. I view her as the first one who crosses that line as there’s no way to respond to her other than with sputtering or with the wit that Spidey revels in. And Peter is left scrambling with how to take it in. I thing that’s why her intro line was so seminal. We’ll see if Shailene can live up to that….

    • Wait, Mary Jane? But Gwen Stacy was in The Amazing Spider-Man movie… Don’t tell me she’s going to be killed off in the next film already. Or are they going to have Gwen as well as Mary Jane?
      I loved The Amazing Spider-Man, it had more of his jokes unlike the previous trilogy. Speaking of the previous trilogy, in my opinion the first two films were really good but the third film was just… no comment.
      (Sorry, Spider-Man is one of my favourite Superheroes, so I got kind of carried away ^_^)

    • Lizette:
      We talked about it very briefly in the news a few weeks ago when the casting for Amazing Spider-Man 2 began. Unfortunately every time I bring up Spider-Man news both Manpans and Errol’s eyes gloss over, they get bored and change the subject. That or only I talk and I end up cutting that bit out because it just becomes boring.

      As for the news itself – I am not familiar enough with Ms Woodley to comment. She seems young and attractive enough, but from my understanding her role in the next film will be minimal at best as they continue to focus on Gwen.

      While initially you are correct that the sense of humour is discovered while in costume (particularly in Ultimate Spider-Man where it even surprises Peter and develops as a nervous reaction to fights he is ill-prepared for) the delineation between Peter and Spider-Man have long since dissolved (unlike Batman or Superman of the last few decades he doesn’t put on a voice or difference in personality in or out of the costume). He is not the nerd he once was, socially awkward and introverted. His days as a hero have resulted in him sharing that sense of humour in or out of the costume. Granted he may not use it as frequently out of costume, he just can’t help himself.

      And remember that MJ didn’t have much of a role early on. While she was one of the gang, she was introduced to be wedge in the relationship with Gwen and create drama for the couple. Not that she’s a homewrecker, but there does seem to be a lot of back and forth flirtation with the Pete/MJ.

      However for a long time she was a pretty one dimensional character. The romance with Peter didn’t really begin until after Gwen was killed (there was dating and flirtation but nothing serious). The character really evolved around Amazing Spider-Man #250 where they revealed that MJ had been aware of Peter’s secret since the night Uncle Ben died and that she had a troubled past of her own (her home life was awful so she used the vapid party girl routine to garner the attention of others in a superficial bid to feel special).

      Certainly MJ brought excitement to Peter’s life and was a foil for his adventures, but she wasn’t the sole reason for his evolution and her impact on his story was a long slow process with a lot more happening in between.

      I’ve also never bought that MJ was his true love that so many seem to espouse. Had Gwen lived, MJ would have just been one of the gang and likely found a very different path (as both Harry and Flash did). Unfortunately the writers felt there was no way to continue the relationship between Gwen and Peter without moving them forward (things were already at a breaking point with how much of Peter’s neglect Gwen could take) and they wanted to avoid marriage at all costs. Its a shame because I would have liked to have seem where Gwen/Peter would go.

      Agent Bugs:
      No worries. Word is that though they are casting MJ she won’t have as a big a role as Gwen. I can’t say that they will kill Gwen though that certainly seems to be what they are hinting at, but I believe they are just planting the seed for MJ’s character for later films (not dissimilar to how they handled Flash Thompson).

  3. I would guess we’re glossing over it so that you have news items for podcasts- but I can’t say for definite.

  4. I think we’re glossing over it to hide the fact that secretly… Errol can’t draw ninja turtles. :: nods sagely::

    • No…. just…. no. It wasn’t good. They changed too much of the story and the songs and the person playing Mary Poppins screeched instead of sang. The only good number was Step in Time and that was in the second act. X_X

  5. Telethon tomorrow morning 8am my time… I’ll see if I can be there for at least some of it. Should be fun! Oh, and I also learned how to knit. *grin*