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Comic 531- “NaNo Streamathon!”


Errol: Wow. That was so much fun, but so crazy! We were on air for SEVEN HOURS! And there were a lot of you WITH us that whole time. Wow. I’m exhausted just thinking about it. 😀

Did we raise our goal for our IndieGoGo campaign? Sadly, no, but we did raise money. I think I’m going to ask Neil Gaiman to promote it when he’s online. 😀

Manda: This was insanely fun. The moment we hit “End Broadcast” though suddenly the seven hours of talking caught up with me and it was all I could do to stay awake on the subway and not look shell shocked. I’m not used to talking for more than one hour at a time let alone seven. To give an indication, a two hour performance that I do for a play usually requires enough energy physically and mentally that I sleep comatose for the night after it’s done. This is…seven hours…tons of fun…but man… I might even call in sick for work tomorrow. My friend tried to call me to talk and I just flat out told her no. Instead I decompressed and watched a movie in silence :D. Thanks for sticking around with us! It was a ton of fun!


29 Responses to Comic 531- “NaNo Streamathon!”

  1. We need a strip with all of the knitted items in it- the finger puppet in progress, the totoros and the dalek

  2. It was a lot of fun watching you guys yesterday! It didn’t feel like seven hours to me until it was all over and I actually payed attention to what time it was lol.

    Ooo… Errol should knit a chip bag next. *nod nod*

  3. Manda: like me, you are a classic introvert; social interaction sucks energy from you, and you need to be alone to recharge. I am rather suspecting that Errol is a classic extravert and thus derives energy from social interaction.


    • That bouncy Dalek, along with Derpy-T, have become the bane of my existence. Although i did get a couple hits in on Errol yesterday :D.

      • I was trying to tell you to get the bouncy dalek before Errol did, but of course you didn’t notice before Errol took a break from setting up his keyboard. Things would have been different if you’d noticed that comment before Errol did.

      • Must have been at one of the times I had to leave my computer- for food and coffee and stuff…

  4. The part I watched was a lot of fun ^_^
    Sorry I couldn’t see all of it, time zones are annoying.

  5. Transcript:
    Kelsey: “Errol, you have some chips on your face.”
    Errol: “I do? Yeah, look..”
    15 minutes of conversation pass…
    Errol: “Ew… I have chips all over my face..”
    Everyone: “ummm yeah…”

  6. I went seven hours without food to watch that. Jes can tell you how rarely I go seven hours without food. Sometimes I wake up in the middle of the night, just to eat something and go back to sleep. But it was totally worth it. That was great, and I’m glad we got some more donations, I just have no clue how we’ll reach the goal in time. My last check never came in, and I can’t work a shift at my other job in time to have money to donate again.

  7. It was awesome! All seven hours! I never thought I’d be able to see the whole thing, considering that I have a 2-year-old, but my husband insisted that I let him take care of things. All day! It didn’t really seem that long, but you know what they say about time flying when you’re watching people in your computer laughing…or something like that.

    Oh, and I asked my son which character really was his favorite, and he said he can’t decide between Dale and Rick.

    • It was a crazy amount of fun! I’m glad your hubby took care of ALL THE THINGS! 😀 He must think we’re all nuts. 😀

      • Noooo, he doesn’t! He’s getting into it some too. He’s been listening to 3 Geeks in a Pod, and it was his idea to watch the musical the other day (his first time seeing the whole thing). He also came over to watch the commentaries with me when he could yesterday. He’s much more of a geek than I am, it’s just taken him a while to get on board, since I found you all through NaNoWriMo, which is my thing, not his.

  8. It isn’t, though I did talk about it some on Gaia just now… Should have thought to have done that earlier.

  9. The question is, when do we get the official announcements of some of the projects you mentioned during the livestream?

    • Well, I don’t know if anyone would join me if I did a musical about Knitting. 😀

      Manda’s series, however, IS happening. 😀