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Comic 532 – “Turn”


Errol: This happened when I drove manpans home from a short video promo. Poor Manpans. She was a lot more… ‘colourful’ with her choice in language.

Manda: You’d think I’d get used to this by now. You’d think.

10 Responses to Comic 532 – “Turn”

  1. I think I said this in a comment on the livestream but Nobody gets used to Errol… Nobody.

  2. Aww no more knitting finger puppets? Are you trying to replenish your Totoros’ now?

    Going to the casino today! Woo! Maybe I’ll win big but its more likely I’ll just lose what I go there with lol.

  3. I learned early on on my marriage to take it a little slower on these quick turns.. Now with my dorm mate in college, There were no smooth turns in our conversation…