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Comic 542 – “Alternate Date”


Errol: Yes! Tonight! We have another live streaming podcast! Watch and be amazed. Or not. Stay tuned to this site to get link. Sorry that I haven’t made a permanent link for that yet.

And this afternoon, Debs and I do the song workshop! Huzzah! I hope that goes well! 😀

Manda: I feel guilty about staying up till 3am now and distracting Errol from the comic :D.

25 Responses to Comic 542 – “Alternate Date”

  1. I’ll be there! With my United Nations of Jez.. heheh.. I can represent all that can’t make it! lol I so want to get that flag design done now and take it to Otakon and have people wonder what country I’m cosplaying XD.

    Ugh it’s too early for me to be this hyper. I was up at all hours since my cat kept waking me up thinking it’s time for breakfast..

    Good luck on the workshop! I hope it goes well for you guys too 🙂

  2. What is this madness? Saturday? Goodness gracious me.

    I can’t make it, but I’m sure there will be many shenanigans.

      • Well, it was sort of more very, very early this morning.

        And tonight, I met a bunch of Klingons instead. And I was in a trivia contest. And I won a Beverly Picard action figure. And there was lots and lots of meat. Also…little pieces of chocolate that looked exactly like multi-coloured beach stones.

  3. I’ll be there! Representing only myself, and I may not add to the shenanigans much, but I’ll be watching and enjoying.

  4. Manda, you feel guilty about everything. Staying up until 3am isn’t odd, just… ok, it’s a bit odd. But distracting Errol? That’s more amusing than guilt inducing.

  5. *collapses* I wanted to move two things, a bin under my bed and a case from the garage, into one of my cabinets in my room… and that turned into a major cleaning/organizing project. Going through one cabinet and half of another led to 3 bags of garbage and two medium bags of donations. I’ll be doing more tomorrow… right now I’m done for the day. My feet and back are killing me.. 🙁

      • Yeah.. craftyness often coincides with no room.. or money lol (as I saw in your knit blog). Actually this whole thing started due to me wanting all my art stuff in one place so it was easier to access and find. I want to do Thing -A-Day and so I need to see what I still had. XD

        After I get everything in order I need to find a better way to store my bags also.. I have.. many. XD

      • Not yet. I have stuff but no scanner yet… still waiting for it to come in the mail.. *pokes at mail* I should point out I’m not very good.. I just like drawing. I also need to set aside some of Thing a Day for baking so I can add to my portfolio. 🙂

  6. Hehe.. I made my U.N. of J flag! Well a quick version of it anyway lol. It will be my icon tonight during the podcast XD