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Comic 543 – “FAWM.ORG 2013”


Errol: This week is filled with all sorts of stuff! starts. Spintunes is underway. We have a Filk Circle we’re attending at the Bakka Bookstore on Sunday. All sorts of funnery!

And Debs did a gig with Leslie this past Sunday. I would have done a comic about that, but I don’t know how it went because I didn’t go. I’m sure it was awesome.

Debs: A small but awesome crowd (Amy came!) and we didn’t mess up 🙂 So it went well!

34 Responses to Comic 543 – “FAWM.ORG 2013”

  1. Will you be able to write songs and knit at the same time? XD

    Is there a place where I can maybe listen to some of the things people compose during FAWM or is it all private stuff?

  2. I wish I could do FAWM, but I’ve yet to be able to trick….. errrrrr…. find some one to do the music part. Lyrics I could write, music I’m clueless about.

  3. Is it a torrent of emotion compared to your emotional level, Errol? Because that would probably mean something completely different to normal people.