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Comic 545 – “Balance”



Errol: In addition to 3 Geeks In A Pod on Sunday, we will have a Google+ Live Streaming Concert! ๐Ÿ˜€ Unless Debs pulls out because I keep insulting her in these comics…

Oh, you know what’s cool? I hope to sing a song with Leslie and another song with Kariย  at the Filk circle on Sunday at Bakka Book Store!ย 

37 Responses to Comic 545 – “Balance”

  1. Really? Did it have to be THIS Sunday? Ugh now I have to find someway of explaining to my family that I won’t be watching the SuperBowl with them and their friends b/c I’m watching a podcast and livestream concert online instead. Without them making weird faces at me XD I shall probably fail on the weird faces part though.

    Aside from that it does sound like a great time! I’d love to hear you guys play live! ๐Ÿ™‚

    • This falls into the realm of “yet another sport I don’t watch the finals of”. Oh sports, you still confuse me so.

      • Oh I don’t watch sports.. just the Superbowl. And I’m usually lost during most of the game play. I like the commercials though.. and the excuse to eat lots of tiny food and have some ‘beverages’ XD So it’s not a huge loss to miss it for me. ๐Ÿ™‚

      • I’m the same way. No sports, just the Superbowl (though a few years ago when the Colts got into the Superbowl, my husband watched a lot of their games throughout the season, so I watched some with him). However, we do have at least one person coming over on Sunday, and a small house with the computer in the same room as the TV. I might be able to get away for the podcast, but I doubt I can hang around for a concert too. Though by 9, the game’s probably half over, the commercials aren’t as good…so who knows.

    • OH! Right… the Superbowl.

      SORRY! I guess we should have thought of that… I forgot it was on.

      What you could do is bring your laptop or phone along, and watch both! ๐Ÿ˜€ Just have get some ear buds, and listen along!

  2. Heh…you should ask Jane if you can live-stream the filk circle. Then it will be ALL LIVE-STREAMING, ALL THE TIME.

  3. Hmmm Actually the Super Bowl makes hanging out with friends a good excuse for canceling on my normal Sunday evening plans.. that might work out…

  4. I’ve got to wonder if we couldn’t do better than the YouTube comment system for the chat.

    If we set up a separate chat, then we could have better live interaction, but we’d need to guide people into it constantly and also then the YouTube video doesn’t get the rank boost from all of the comments.

    I dunno. I do know I’m not impressed with how the comment system currently works..

    • Part of that is probably that those of us actually doing the video aren’t always looking at the screen, and catching up with comments can be hard. But yes, those comments do tend to get cached.

      • It’s not the greatest but I think it will be hard to coordinate another program with whats going on. I’d have a hard time with it anyway.

        Off to Disney today.. woo! XD

      • It is always hard for presenters and it can sometimes ruin a show if you pay too much attention to it. It would just be nice if it worked well enough to allow natural conversation among the viewers.

        Every now and then it even spits out all the comments from 10 minutes earlier. It als makes it hard to have a real conversation when you are told you have to wait 30 seconds to make a comment and/or complete a captcha verification..

      • I… don’t understand the technical stuff but would that work with the stream? I’d have to keep clicking between tabs then… *points to self* Lazy person. XD

      • Maybe open it as two windows side by side? I love that we have a chat, does anyone ever use it?

      • I already pop the comments on the YouTube livestreams out into a second window, make it just the right size to see the top few comments, and place it over the empty bottom area of the YouTube page. I refresh it every once in a while, because I think it makes comments come up more quickly than letting them come on their own (note, I think…not sure I really have any way of knowing). But the comments definitely come up faster there than they do in the comments box to the right of the video.

        I’m personally fine with the YouTube comments section, but if there are issues with it, especially for the presenters, I understand if we need to find another route.

      • I just want comments to be easy for people. I’m lucky, I have two screens so I don’t worry about screen real estate…

  5. What time will everything be? I was supposed to be working, but now I now may have to rework my plans…

    • I believe the podcast will be at 8 like usual.. and the livestream sometime after that ends..

      • I bet you thought the comic was after for the same reason I did. Because the first panel of the comic says, “We should do a live stream concert after your 3 Geeks in a Pod live stream!” Hmm….yeah, I bet that’s it.

        I don’t think I can make at 7, but I should be there at 8.

      • That could have been a clue… There needs to be a big NOT stamp over the first panel of the comic.. ๐Ÿ™‚

      • I think the Deb’s and Errol concert should come in the middle of the 3GP live stream. We can call it the Half-Time show!!

      • That is exactly what you should do. And I’m not just saying that because I really don’t want to be at my computer starting at 7.

        Edit because I just saw Errol’s post: Different channels don’t matter, the podcast can just pause while everyone goes to another link to watch the concert. I guess that’s getting too complicated? Oh well, I guess I have to face the fact that I can’t make it to every live stream you guys do eventually.