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Comic 546 – “Spintunes Reviews”



Errol: Poor Debs, she gives me suggestions for a comic and then I turn the conversation itself into a comic. For those just joining us, we are judging the Spintunes contest this month. Oh, and we have a livestream concert this Sunday which I should advertise more. 😀


16 Responses to Comic 546 – “Spintunes Reviews”

  1. Yeeaahhh I still don’t envy you and Debs for having to judge that. I’m glad all I had to do was vote in a poll and that was hard enough. I feel bad now though.. one song I almost choose has no votes. I should have voted for that one so it had at least one… 🙁

    And yes you should talk/explain about the livestream more.. including putting the time somewhere besides yesterday’s comic comments lol.

    Thing a Day starts tomorrow so I have to get everything ready for that. I need to make buttercream and gum paste today so it’s ready for tomorrow. Luckily I already have fondant I can use. Oh yes.. and clean part of my closet so I can get all my tools out… and into better containers. That will be fun…. ugh.

    • Fondant! That’s one of those things in life that I’ve always wanted to try because it seems fancy. Then I remember I don’t love it as much as whipped cream, so I make that instead.

      • The trick is to find a recipe that calls for fondant AND whipped cream- so that you get the fun of both…

      • Fondant is.. interesting. It’s mainly just to get a smooth surface to decorate cakes with and most don’t really like the taste. I personally don’t mind it but I can’t eat too much of it either. I found a recipe for marshmallow fondant that supposedly tastes better but I want to get the stuff I have out of the way before I try that one.

      • Manda, your comment made me laugh so much! And I can totally relate (whipped cream frosting is the best). My sister used to work at a fancy kitchen supply store, and got into cake decorating some. I always thought the cakes looked amazing, but in the end, boring, plain-looking ones usually taste better to me.

        Hey, it’s a good thing Errol doesn’t mind off-topicness, or a lot of the comments on the comics lately would be in trouble. One of these days I might actually comment on the comic instead of comments made thereafter. Maybe. 😀

      • Bah my cakes do not have plastic tasting frosting! XD To be honest when I bake for home I only use butter cream to decorate them. I’m using the fondant for Thing A Day to practice my decorating skills and add to my portfolio. I may make that marshmallow fondant anyway so I can compare on if it’s better or not. There’s no doubt it’s cheaper. XD

        And I was thinking if you could combine whipped cream and fondant.. and it normally wouldn’t work. Whipped cream needs refrigeration and while you CAN fridge fondant cakes it usually gives them a condensation layer thats ucky, and you normally don’t want that for event cakes. If your just doing it home and with people who don’t care then it should be fine.

  2. Ooo! I’d try a marshmallow fondant!

    And as to the no working thing, a live concert is always more awesome than work!!!

  3. It’s good so far. I had some ‘billionaire’s shortbread’ (which is blanched almonds, dried cranberries, fudge pieces, and chocolate) and ‘super berry detox’ (which is dried cranberries, blueberries, green raisins, and goji berries).

    Annnddd I’m tired. Too much cleaning. I think I’m all ready for TAD tomorrow though I find it amusing I spend more time looking at the FAWM forums than the TAD page.. XD.