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Comic 544 – “Amy, Leslie & Debs”


Errol: I always have fun things to comic about, but other fun things happen too. For example, this conversation with Debs. She wanted it to be a comic. I agreed. 😀 But I also wanted to talk about Spintunes. And I wanted to talk about FAWM. And I wanted to talk about the Filk circle we hope to sing a few songs at.  Ugh… too many things happening in one week.

20 Responses to Comic 544 – “Amy, Leslie & Debs”

  1. You guys are very busy and will be even more so come FAWM I guess. You have the rest of the week comics though to get everything in. 🙂

    Eyeless Totoros’ sound…. creepy.

  2. Either android or apple app store. I just found out it is available in both. I’ll never escape now!

  3. Woo! My bag came! It’s smaller and narrower than I expected but oh so fun! XD

    And yeah I found and installed it on the ipod. It’s… interesting.