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Comic 547 – “No Songs”


Errol: So much stuff. However, this Sunday is the Bakka Filk Circle in Toronto from 12 – 5:30pm, and then the Debs & Errol Google Hangout Concert at 7pm, and then 3 Geeks in a Pod at 8pm. A link will be provided, but more than likely will be at:


Debs: Well, except for the Newsletter it all done so we rock! And I ran the first FAWM SongSkirmish at midnight and also organized the Morph challenge! Huzzah!

31 Responses to Comic 547 – “No Songs”

  1. Did you finish judging the first round of SpinTunes then?

    Woo streaming madness on Sunday! I shall be there… with chips! Lol

    Debs seemed very busy on the FAWM forums. Almost everytime I looked at a thread she either started it or had posted in it XD. But those forums are addictive! And I keep wanting to do stuff.. until I remember no musical talent. Unless being able to play Ode to Joy on the keyboard is considered a talent. Lol

  2. And… I just had a terrifying moment where I thought I killed a frog (that my cat was delightfully chasing as a new toy). I was trying to catch it and the cup accidentally scrapped it’s legs and it just lay there like the Witch of the East for awhile. then it hopped out and I was able to catch it (properly) and get it outside. Too much action for early morning!

  3. I just realized that if I’m going to the FAWM thing I’ll have to grab dinner somewhere…is there good take out around that area?

  4. Regarding the filk location: it’s right near U of T, so there’s plenty of food in the area. Right around the corner, on Spadina, you’ll find a little string of fast-food places: Subway, two pizza joints, and (I believe) a rib place, though it may have been replaced by something else. In the other direction down Harbord are some fancier restaurants, plus some non-fancy ones, including a tiny fish-and-chips place. You will not starve.

      • I think there MAY be an Asian fusion place nearby on Harbord (or there used to be). There’s also Bloor Street, which is maybe a seven-minute walk away and is overflowing with noodles and sushi.

  5. Super Bowl parties are not about watching football, please. A few years ago my husband, sister, mom and I set up a card table in the living room to play Munchkin, turning our attention back to the TV only for the occasional commercial. It’s just an excuse to hang out with friends, have snacks, and generally goof off.

    Though, in hindsight, it was not a good time to try to TEACH a game like Munchkin to new people, especially non-geek types, because there was too much distraction. But it was still fun.