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Spintunes Livestream: Round 1

Did you know that Debs and Errol are judging Spintunes? We’re listening to the livestream now!

Screen shot 2013-01-28 at 8.00.41 PM
Listening to 32 songs now! Huzzah!


10 Responses to Spintunes Livestream: Round 1

    • It was SpinTunes. Original songs, 4 rounds, the first was based on Memes. Really good stuff (though some language you wouldn’t like) and it’ll all be on Bandcamp. Between this and listening to the old FAWM albums I’m going to have a lot of original music. *nod nod* 🙂

      • Heh heh. Yeah, band camp can get addictive. I’ll have to check out FAWM. Of course, being away for a week in Feb will make it more difficult….

      • I have no clue how you guys will judge that! There were SO many goods ones.

        I was going to try and rank them myself but I’m still confused on how the popular vote even works (like where to write it and all and have it count) plus.. I’m not musical, so my opinions would just be what I liked to listen to and what wasn’t as pleasant to me. I enjoy listening to music… the nuances are all over my head though lol.