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6 Responses to 3GP Live Streamcast – Episode 11

  1. That was entertaining and fun once more!

    Well… when Errol isn’t morphing my comments into something to make Ja-Mez twitch… XD

  2. I wasn’t sure I’d make it the full hour because I’ve been sick all day and I’m not handling it well. But apparently taking my mind off how I’m feeling worked wonders! It was fun again, until next week!

  3. Hahaha I was only in there for a couple of minutes, at the start, but you guys must have fun making those… yeah. I even went in the chat to see what would happen! Brave me! lol
    Then I had to leave. Ugh. But anyway.
    edit: oooo, an edit feature… 😀

  4. Got brought over to see my folks’ friends and their kids. So unfortunately missed. Glad you guys had fun! And thank you, Jez, for texting me!