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Comic 555 – “Favourites”


Errol: I was going to use another incident where Manpans was feeling guilty, but there were so many to choose from that I thought maybe I would just highlight this song which I wrote with Carrie of Traeder Band.

It’s a jazz song, sung from the point of Irene Adler of BBC’s Sherlock. 😀

I settled on the name: “Locked“.

Debs: That title totally confuses me because I keep thinking it’s a locked song and assuming I can’t click on it.

Manda: Again, a conversation that didn’t happen. Although I do love, love, love the song. And Errol was quick to point out that even if it didn’t happen, if it did this is how it would play out. I grudgingly agreed.

23 Responses to Comic 555 – “Favourites”

  1. I take it Errol’s making up for all the time he didn’t mention dating in yesterday’s 3gp…

  2. It was a good song! I admit I thought the same as Debs at first and thought I couldn’t click on it. XD I listened to the Sindarin one this morning also. It was excellent! 🙂

    Yes there was a lack of dating talk. I was more surprised at the lack of knitting. Maybe it was the alternate location? lol

    Manda… I.. don’t have a favorite. The Halloween specials are usually fun though lol.

    • It took me a while to catch this connection between Sherlock and the Simpsons. Now that I have, I can say I’ve not watched it regularly for years, but I agree the Treehouse of Horror episodes are the best. I probably have seen most of those…

      • There is one if you look carefully- unfortunately the Simpsons really aren’t my thing…

      • I also dislike the Simpsons, and was subjected to constant quotes and anecdotes from it yesterday.

  3. I’m teaching a pop-lit course this term. Do you know how often The Simpsons comes up? That would be IN EVERY FREAKING CLASS. That show has parodied EVERYTHING. “The Monkey’s Paw”? Simpsons parody. “The Cask of Amontillado”? Simpsons parody. The Shining? Simpsons parody. Watchmen? Star Wars? Harry Potter? Check, check, check. And I was able to explain the Freemasons by virtue of the Stonecutters.

  4. “I never apologize for anything. I’m sorry, Lisa, that’s just the way I am.” – H Simpson

  5. Lou: “There’s trouble down at the Seaquarium.”
    ‘Chief: “They still sell those frozen bananas?”
    Lou: “I think so”
    Chief: “Let’s roll”