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Comic 554 – “Comment Feast”


Errol: BTW, yesterday was crazy fun. πŸ˜€

Debs:Β Hey, that last panel isn’t fair. I do tell you that your songs are awesome! You on the other hand are too busy commenting and tweeting to give me any actual feedback. πŸ˜›

39 Responses to Comic 554 – “Comment Feast”

  1. Heh… there were a lot of comments and tangents. XD I usually don’t have problems keeping up but yesterday was a tough one once we got to about 100 (or 112 as that’s what I came back to lol).

    More running around to day which hopefully won’t keep me out as long as yesterday. We’re going to a Chinese Auction. Maybe I’ll win something (preferably something good)! XD

  2. Yesterday was certainly crazy as far as comments were concerned. It got to the point that people were commenting on MY comic HERE rather than, you know, in my own comments section. I have a comments section too, you know. *Gestures invitingly towards it* Admittedly, this one is much more exciting and has more Sherlock in it. It also has more Errol. That always makes things zanier.

    • Hey, I do post in your comments sections, it just seems to echo a bit with the lack of other people doing likewise (also, you have multi-day comment sections, and I’d seen you posting here yesterday- so I chose to inquire through this one rather than the other one)…

      • I know. I’m not actually being serious. My comments section was once quite lively, but it is now a sad, echoing void of loneliness frequented by a few hardy and determined long-term readers, plus you new guys. I guess my comments section is the Montresor of comments sections, whereas THIS comments section is the Fortunato. This does not mean that my comments section is planning to brick your comments section up in a catacomb. Or maybe it does. I can’t pretend to understand how my comments section thinks. I HAVE heard it muttering to itself a lot lately, and yesterday, it was waving a trowel around.

      • But you don’t know Doctor Who. If I heard you say, “What’s a Dalek?”, I might have to hit you. Admittedly, that would be entertaining.

      • Well I think there should be a knitted Dalek song. Although Jacquie has been singing “I wish Totoro was my shaker” to herself.

      • There should certainly be a song about the bouncy Dalek. I’m a bit surprised there hasn’t been one yet. I’m also surprised that Errol hasn’t created an elaborate web series involving an epic story about tiny glowing Totoros and bouncy Daleks that he has put together accidentally while knitting.

  3. I mostly stayed out of the comments yesterday too. Tangent or not, it was still by and large about Sherlock, and I haven’t seen past the first episode yet. Then many other iterations of the series were brought up, and I’ve seen almost none of any of those. I’ve never really been much of a TV or film buff. I have to admit the comment fest scared me a bit anyway. I’ve never been very good at jumping into so much chaos. Easier to sit and watch.

  4. I can confirm, Debs did post. And Kari, you make your comments section sound like Nico….

    And I’ll happily work on a doctor who song with anyone!!!

    • Well, Nico may be a Montresor type in that he’s quite possibly a magnificent bastard, but I would say he lacks the sense of entitlement, not to mention the homicidal rage.

  5. That’s cask, right? I need to reread most of my Poe. It’s been years since I’ve read the stories. Though I did have the tell tale heart going at my job last term. It was a water pump or something, but whenever I walked into the plush room I swear I heard a heart beat…

  6. I really need to reread Poe. I have a lovely edition of the complete works, but some how I’m almost afraid to curl up with it the way I was my mom’s old bargain copy that I used to swipe as a kid. Also used to swipe the Shakespeare anthology… but that one is falling apart now. And neither seem to format well for the nook.

  7. So we’re trying to do my cousin’s Flat Stanly assignment (basically a paper doll that he sent to a relative in another state, we need to take photos of all the things that Stanly does on “vacation” visiting with us.) They’re taking a last picture with the dog, and I said that we should get a purple dragon figurine and another paper doll to say that Flat Stanly hung out with little Jackie Paper. Mom said that my cousin’s teacher is probably too young to get that reference. I wanted to cry.

      • Apparently everyone in my family was needed to do ONE Flat Stanly project. Though I got annoyed, mom kept saying it so that it sounded like Stan Lee, then refused to use a nything having to do with X-Men.

        And THANK YOU!